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Freedom of Information (FOI)
Summary of Procedures
Ordinance 2009-12-688 entitled:  An Ordinance approving and adopting rules, regulations and forms for the implementation of the Illinois Freedom of Information Act

Fees and Contacts

Copies:  First 50 pages are free (8.5 x 11 or 8.5 x 14, black & white)
             Additional pages $0.15 per side

Other types of records with set fees:  Actual cost
Certification:   $1.00 per record, plus copy cost
Mailing:            Cost of postage

Freedom of Information Officers can be reached at or fax 847-540-1768.

By Mail: FOIA Officer, 70 E. Main St.; or Deputy Chief Kevin Finlon, located at the Police Facility, 200 Mohawk Trail.

Summary of Purpose
The mission of the Village of Lake Zurich is to provide our residents and businesses exceptional quality municipal services.  We will do this through thoughtful planning, fiscal responsibility and transparent, accessible and responsive municipal leadership and staff.  This will result in continually improving quality of life and a return on investment for all members of the community.

Description and Statistical Information

The Village of Lake Zurich is a municipality incorporated and organized under the laws of the State of Illinois for the purpose of providing its residents with the following services: Police protection, Fire protection, Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Government, Public Works, (streets, water, sewer, storm sewer maintenance), Finance, Parks and Recreation, Building, Zoning, and Planning.  These services function under Administration as shown on the Organization Chart.   In addition, there are advisory boards, commissions and committees of the Village of Lake Zurich as follows:

Community and Police Advisory Board, Police Pension Board, Firefighters Pension Board, Fire and Police Commissioners, Park and Recreation Advisory Board, Plan Commission, Tree Commission, and Zoning Board of Appeals.

Locations of Municipal Buildings with Offices (5)
Village Hall, Mayor, Admin, Building & Zoning, Finance           70 E. Main Street
Public Works, Engineering & Vehicle Maintenance                   505 Telser Road
Police Facility, Firearms Range                                                200 Mohawk Trail
Fire Rescue Station #1                                                            321 S. Buesching Road
The Barn,
Paulus Park, Park and Recreation                             200 S. Rand Road

List of Records Maintained by the Village of Lake Zurich

In an effort to enhance government transparency and facilitate an informed public discussion, the records listed here can be requested from the Village of Lake Zurich and will be provided by staff as quickly as practicably possible.  While requests for public records under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) must generally be made in writing and are subject to a response within five business days, the below records shall not be subject to such limitations. 

Adopted Budgets Since 2009                                 Collective Bargaining Contracts
Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports             Employee Directories
Employee Compensation Plans                              Job Descriptions
Minutes of Open Meetings                                     Municipal Code
Monthly and Bi-weekly Departmental Reports     Organizational Charts
Purchasing Manual                                                 Adopted Budgets
Ordinances and Resolutions from the Previous Ten Years

Requests are available by contacting .

The fees provided for in Section  of FOIA are still applicable to the records listed above.

The Village currently employs approximately 157 full-time  employees. 

June 2013